Page Quality Rating

PQ rating’s first step is to be clear and satisfying about its purpose for the users. To get high-page quality ratings from search engine evaluators and page quality raters, we offer to analyze and consult for Mobile Web Compatibility, Website Info-MC-SC-Ads, EAT and Reputation. As a plus, we perform Exploratory/Functional test to your website and give a detailed bug report.

  • Mobile Web Compatibility Analysis (Mobile Friendly)
  • Website Analysis (Info-MC-SC-Ads)
  • Reputation Analysis
  • Needs Met Rating Analysis
  • Exploratory/Functional Test
  • Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) Analysis

Mobile Web Compatibility Analysis (Mobile Friendly)

Mobile Web Compatibility (Mobile friendly) is a critical step for getting a high page quality rating. Even if you have a high-quality website for desktop users, it is not enough to get high page quality raters because your website is mainly evaluated for mobile users by search engine evaluators and page quality raters.

Your website should be mobile-friendly because mobile users want results right away, don’t want to type and may not want to spend too much time finding what they’re looking for.

We work with the SEO team for Needs Meet rating of valuable keywords. We analysis your keywords to get highly met and above rating.

If you want your landing pages to appear on the first SERP, the ratings must be Highly Meets – Fully Meets.


Our aim is to your landing pages get
Highly Meets - Fully Meets ratings.

Some pages or topics can potentially affect a person’s future happiness, financial stability, health or security. These webpages are called “Your Money or Your Life” (YMYL) pages. Every website should have EAT for its purpose, but if your webpage is YMYL page, EAT becomes much more important. We evaluate your webpages in three key points, identify the shortcomings and offer you how you can improve your website with EAT. The expertise of the creator of the main content. The authoritativeness of the creator of the Main Content, the Main Content itself, and the website.

Website Analysis (Info-MC-SC-Ads)

PQ rating’s first step is to be clear and satisfying about its purpose for the users.

Main Content (MC) should be the reason for the website’s existence and has an enormous role in helping the website achieve its purpose and getting high PQ rating.

Although the website owner cannot directly control the ads on the website (such as joining an ad network), the website owner is also responsible for the overall quality of the advertisements displayed. We understand your webpage content, identify problematic issues and offer solutions.

Exploratory/Functional Test

If you want to get high page quality rating for your web pages, your website should have no issues.

We perform exploratory/functional test to your website with desktop and mobile devices (Android/IOS, Mac/Windows). 

We give a detailed report on the issues. You don’t need to go tester websites.

(Categorization: Functional/Visual (Page quality team), Content (with the Content team), Performance (with Seo Team))

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